Private Master Classes

The Working with the Masters program provides both students and adults—
whether part of a performing ensemble or not—opportunities to interact with
the professional musicians of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

A Visiting Ensemble Master Class offers visiting orchestras, bands, and choirs
two opportunities to experience a master class in conjunction with attendance
at a BSO concert. In the first option, your group will perform two or three
prepared pieces on the stage of Symphony Hall (based on availability) universally
acclaimed for its exceptional acoustic qualities, where a BSO member will guide
the ensemble through the performance. Participants will come away with a new
artistic perspective, benefitting from the expertise and insight of a professional
in one of the world’s great orchestras. As part of this 60-minute master class,
the BSO musician will listen to and critique your ensemble’s performance. The
second option offers the same experience; however, your group will perform in
either the newly renovated Chorus Room, or in a comparable Symphony Hall
location, rather than on stage.

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Private Workshops

The Working with the Masters program also gives non-performing groups the opportunity to purchase tickets and book 45-minute workshop with a BSO musician. How does one audition for the BSO? What is a typical rehearsal like? How does a musician follow a conductor? What are some special moments to listen for in the concert? Hear these behind-the-scenes stories firsthand and bring your own questions for this fascinating insider’s guide to the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


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